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Lieutenant JG Jason Williams

Name Jason Barnes Williams

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 235 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and muscular
Wears his blond hair long, tied back when on duty.
Piercing blue eyes.


Spouse or Significant Other n/a
Children n/a
Father Marcus Williams
Mother Lesley Williams
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family Jack Williams - uncle
Mary Jones - Aunt

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serious about his job, but when off duty, enjoys the company of friends.
Bit of a card sharp, enjoys playing poker.
Strengths & Weaknesses S - Intelligent. Can assess a military problem, either on the bridge at tactical, or on the ground in a combat situation.
S - Not afraid to take chances.

W - Hates to lose.
Ambitions Command of a starship.
Hobbies & Interests Playing cards.
Reading, mostly historical novels.
Martial arts training.
Weapons training.
Playing Chess.

Personal History Jason was born in the Starfleet Medical complex on Earth. The only child, born to Marcus and Lesley Williams. Commander Marcus Williams was the first officer on the USS Journey. Lieutenant Lesley Williams was the ship's Chief Medical Officer.

The Willams had taken leave to travel to Earth, and their child was delivered.

After the birth of their son, they transferred to Earth, where Marcus took the position of Adjutant at Starfleet Academy. Lesley transferred to Starfleet Medical where she teaches.

Jason was a large child at birth, weighting a hefty 9 pounds at birth.

Once Jason reached 6 years old, he was a strapping 60 pounds and stood almost 5 feet high, outpacing his classmates.

His parents enrolled him in the Starfleet School, located near the Academy and Starfleet Medical.

Jason made sure that none of the older boys would bully his classmates, often intervening when someone was threatened by the older boys.

Not only was he the biggest child in his classes, but he was also the smartest. His grades were always within the top 3 or 4 percentiles.

He liked sports while he was in school. Always excelling in sports like soccer, and track and field.

When he reached the age of 17, he graduated from the Academy School, and he applied for an early admittance into Starfleet Academy.

He was accepted, and he enrolled, joining other new cadets.

Service Record Freshman Year: Selected Security/Tactical as his major. Jason also joined the Academy's wrestling team and weightlifting team.
He made many friends during the year and dated a few female cadets.
When the semester ended, he had led his wrestling and weightlifting teams to first place. His grades earned him a spot of the Commandant's Honor Roll, unheard of for a freshman.

Sophomore Year: Jason dropped the wrestling and weightlifting teams, due to the fact he went undefeated because other teams couldn't find cadets to go against him. So, he joined the Chess team.
His friendships continued, and he made several friends in the upper classmen.
When the semester ended, he again was in the upper 10% of his class, just missing out for the Commandant's Honor Roll.

Junior Year: The year started off like the previous 2, but he was selected for Starship training and was assigned to the USS Potemkin, where he would work in every department, in addition to his Academy work.
When the semester ended, he returned to the Academy. The Captain and the First Officer of the Potemkin gave him high marks for his work.

Senior Year: The work in the senior year was more intense. A few cadets washed out in his class. But Jason liked the work.
Physical training and weapons training was paramount for all cadets. Due to his training, he was easily able to pass the classes, no matter what the instructors threw at him.
When graduation arrived, he was selected valedictorian of his class, graduating with honors in Security/Tactical.

Upon graduation, Ensign Williams was assigned back to the USS Potemkin, per the captain's request, and was assigned to the Security/Tactical department.