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Lieutenant Percival Bálor

Name Percival G. Bálor Ph.D

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tellarite | Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Green
Physical Description cooltext386527967057403.png
Percival Bálor stands 5’9,” relatively tall for a Tellarite, but his human heritage has given him a bit of an advantage. He has muted green eyes that have a dullness to them, causing them to often look greyish rather than green. His hair is naturally a medium shade of brown, but he has been known to lighten it or add lighter highlights or lowlights. He has worn his hair several different ways over the years, but it is almost always at a slightly overgrown and unkempt look. It has a wavey bordering on a loosely curly appearance to it. Sometimes, when it is longer, he will pull it up and braid some of it. To the untrained eye, Percy looks human upon initial glance, but his nose is his tell tale sign of being at least partially Tellarite.


Spouse or Significant Other

Lieutenant Commander Yivliph Ra-Gruvloveii

Personality & Traits

General Overview cooltext414001738479483.gif
"Percy was next level. I would watch a Trek series starring him..." - Tournament of Sim 2021 Judge #2
Percy can best be described as being: confident, narcissistic, and intellectual. His casual civilian attire is at times bohemian, garish, and more often than not flamboyant. He enjoys vibrant colors and various patterns. His clothes reflect his general personality.

If it is nine o’clock on a Saturday, you can be confident that Percival is at the nearest bar, and it won’t be synthetic ale wetting his tongue and wreaking havoc on his liver. As part Tellarite, the young man can consume a plethora of the galaxies known toxins and inebriants in his tonics, and he is not known for his modesty nor doing anything in moderation. Old Earth Christians may have had their ‘seven deadly sins,’ and Percival boastfully shows that he is the embodiment of the majority of them.

Pride is at the forefront of Tellarite society, and even though he is only Tellarite by partiality, he does not water down his pridefulness nor does his ‘ivy league’ education provide him any humility. He is as proudly Tellarite as he is Irish, and he will no soon let you forget one over the other. When it comes to greed, Percival has been known to push things to their limits and take them when he does not need to.

Like many Tellarites, Percy unfortunately, does not do very well at breaking the stereotype of being hot-headed. He has a tumultuous temper to him and he’s quick to excite and quick to anger; however, his default mood is relatively peaceful. He’s simply just short-fused. He is slowly yet steadily working on his anger management. He is sometimes envious of others, but no more so than usual. Lust and gluttony are arguably his greatest faults as he does nothing in small doses including passion and the consumption of alcohol and food. Fortunately, sloth is not one of his vices. He is constantly in motion and is extremely hard working.
Strengths & Weaknesses cooltext386527734765614.png
Dedicated - There is no questioning Percival's work ethic as he leaves no room for interpretation. Percy is a workhorse, but not a workaholic. He sets obtainable goals and reachable deadlines. This allows him to unwind in a ship's lounge. However, Percy has a habit of having wide eyes and eagerness. He has earned a reputation of having a 'go big or go home' mentality, and takes shortcuts.

Blunt force honesty - Honesty is the best policy, and you can always depend on him to be honest. However, there's an old Earth saying that goes: 'If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.' Percival lost that memorandum along the way. He will speak the truth as he sees fit even if the truth hurts. He will call a spade a spade, and has no qualms about staying his opinion of you.

Methodically orderly - Contrary to his Tellarite appearance and to the stereotype, Percy's domestic life and workspaces are not pigsties. He is extraordinarily orderly, a very tidy individual who knows that everything has its place. He is very mathematically minded, and chaos is unpredictable, order creates predictability which brings about confidence and tranquility.

Stubborn snout - He will entertain ideas that are not his own, but he's an old schooler who hates change for change sake. He touts that his ways ate of course the best ways, and unless it is broke, why fix it? He will take a new approach from time to time, but reluctantly so.

Unconventionality is unsettling - because Percival likes tradition and the old ways of doing things, he will challenge new ideas. You must be prepared to defend them against him.

Empathic impairment - Percy does not always understand social cues and does not handle emotional states very well. He can sometimes come off entirely aloof and yet at other times he could even be considered overly emotional. There does not seem to be a safe middle ground.
Ambitions cooltext386527751007885.png
There is an abundance of mysteries in the galaxy that Percival would not mind being part of understanding and unlocking. He has a fixation on the species known simply as the ‘Preservers,’ who rescued primitive cultures from extinction and planet them on planets across the galaxy. He is also intrigued by the USS Enterprise-D’s mission reports about a species known as ‘Progenitors’ and is actively seeking to find a connection between them. His mind is full of theories, and he’s fully prepared to spend the rest of his life trying to just get one step closer to some answers.
Hobbies & Interests cooltext386527758128378.png
Percival has always had a very detail-oriented mind, he analyzes how things operate and function which was something that always leads his parents to speculate that he would go into the engineering field like his forefathers and foremothers. The Tellarite’s on his mother’s side of the family had a long history of Starfleet service or auxiliary services within the Federation, often as technicians and engineers. Percy’s interests; however, quickly moved past that of electronic circuitry and he became more intrigued by biological lifeforms – both plant and animal life. He was interested in studying how they work, how they function.

Novice lepidopterist – One of his peculiar fascinations is that of insects, more specifically winged ones such as moths and butterflies. As such, he has collected dozens of specimens from Earth and other worlds. His interest in insects has branched out over the years to include beetles and others insects of interest.

Model engineering – Percival is someone who likes to be in the field, getting his hands dirty, and he loves constructing things himself. He enjoys building model ships and other models.

Exoticism – His love for plants and animals is fairly normal, but Percy tends to take things to the extreme at times. If he were able to keep a plethora of fantastic alien beasts aboard, he would. He knows, however, that occupancy of crew and cargo takes priority. This doesn’t mean he isn’t without his small collection of animals and plants, some of which are potentially dangerous if improperly handled or set loose.

Personal History cooltext386527724963650.png
Percy hails from a coastal town in what was historically the County Wicklow in Ireland, ancestral lands to his father who himself had Irish and English heritage, though they did their best to bury the English bits to their family history. Though his name is actually Percival Gral Bálor, he does not use his middle name unless he wants to come off as more important. His parents call him Percival, but to the few friends he has managed to make over the years, he was always simply Percy. He had a relatively ordinary human childhood though he wasn’t entirely human.

He had more hooven-like features as a child, but by his teenage years, he underwent several surgical operations to alter his appearance to be more human-like. This has given him an almost entirely human look with the exception of his nose which he opted not to fuss around with because he still wants people to see him as Tellarite. He does have a bit of body hair, but not terribly excessive, shaving it as needed. Likewise, he does have a small nubby rat-like tail.

He was educated at Saint Cronan’s, an all boys primary school for the first several years of his childhood education. The experience was not one that he speaks much about, but it did shape his orderliness and his stubbornness to stick with what works, a bit of a reluctance towards new ways and methods of thinking. While a student at the school, Percy was on the hurling team. He dropped the sport as he transitioned into secondary school and post-secondary, picking up more of an interest in music, learning to play the guitar, and joining choir.

The summer before attending university, Percy found himself abducted while on a trip to meet up with a friend on what was supposed to be a pleasureable vacation away from the stress of family, but it was family that had caused the whole mess. Held captive by a nasty group of Orion syndicate members, he was beaten and brutalized for several days until his captors received the compensation they wanted by extorting his mother's side of the family, the Tellarites. He hated that he was targeted and more so that his 'friend' had betrayed him because Percy's family had a mining operation on Janus IV that was lucrative.

When it came time for university, Percy took a public transporter across the pond to the North American continent, settling on the east coast in New Hampshire. Due to his nature of always wanting to appear the best that he could, he applied to and was accepted into Dartmouth. He majored in Biological Chemistry and minored in Classical Literature. His minoring in Classical Literature gave him an appreciation for some of the greats, but also helped strengthen his communication skills, boost his confidence, and improved his Latin. He completed his undergraduate degree in 2383.

Percy opted to remain at Dartmouth applying to a graduate program with Ph.D track in Biochemistry. He spent his next six years in Dartmouth’s lecture halls and laboratories, chipping away full time at his graduate and doctoral degrees. He earned the title Doctor in 2389 but after years of being a classroom junkie and restless lab rat, he wanted to do more. He wanted to see more, and he looked towards to stars.

Percival’s Starfleet career began a short time afterward. With his degrees already racked up, he had the formal education. What he lacked was the Starfleet training, but basic training and several weeks of the Academy’s condensed officer candidate school whipped Percival into shape both physically and mentally. His first posting was aboard the USS Volta as a general science officer. He was then reassigned to the USS Sastri.

As a science officer aboard the starship Sastri, Percy worked within the Biological sciences division where he served approximately two years. He transferred in 2394 taking on the Assistant Chief Science Officer position and head of Biological sciences aboard the Excelsior class USS Kerberos. Percival was the ambitious sorts, and it caught the attention of his superiors for better or worse. He was a ladder climber and when a position as Chief Science Officer became available aboard the USS Ontario, he threw himself at it wholeheartedly.
Service Record cooltext386528016222391.png
2389 - 2391 USS Volta
2391 - 2394 USS Sastri
2394 - 2395 USS Kerberos
2395 - xxxxx USS Ontario