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Now a footnote in the lineage of many a starship, the Ambassador Class is no longer the backbone of Starfleet's exploration nor defensive arms. Once the pride of the fleet and considered, at the time, to be the pinnacle of starship development, technology developed for the Ambassador class has exploded into common usage among other classes of starships, while the grand spaceframe has slipped from active production and is slowly being replaced by newer designs, it still remains a notable class of vessel that continues to serve with distinction in limited numbers.

In the early part of the 24th century Ambassador Class Starships were the pinnacle of Starfleet Engineering with notable ships like the USS Excalibur, USS Zhukov and Yamaguchi in active service but none can surpass the USS Enterprise C. In 2344 USS Enterprise responded to a distress call from the Narendra III Outpost facing attack by Three Romulan Warbirds.

History knows the importance and the sacrifice of the Enterprise C but also the Ambassador Class itself, Her reputation following this incident meant that the lineage of this class continued into the mid 24th century until the Nebula and Galaxy Class projects began construction. And the battle of Wolf 359 was another blow for this storied class.

With her numbers dwindling and slowly being phased out in favour of newer designs the Ambassador class was relegated to secondary roles within the fleet until the dominion war in 2373. With the need for starships to combat the Dominion many of the old workhorses were brought up to modern specifications and fought on the frontlines from Chintoka to Betazed and Cardassia.

By wars end so many ships were left damaged beyond repair that they were mothballed or outright scrapped. This is where history tells of the USS Ontario.

Serving in the Cardassian War of the early 24th century and numerous first contacts up until Wolf 359, Ontario had an esteemed legacy. Whilst newer ships were assigned to chart the unknowns of the Gamma Quadrant, she stayed at home patrolling the fringes of Federation Space. With the War against the Dominion inevitable, the Ontario fought in some of the fiercest battles of her history, and what would have destroyed many ships only enhanced her reputation as a fierce combatant. Following wars end in 2375 and a much needed refit the USS Ontario returned to the line as a patrol craft in the wilds of a crumbling Cardassia fending off the pirates and Dominion holdouts well into the 2380's.

By the 2380's her time seemed over as an active ship of the line, countless battles and skirmishes of conflicts past and the changing face of starship design had taken its toll on the ageing workhorse. Destined for the mothball fleet her salvation came at the cost of so many, Hobus. With Starfleet needing as many ships as possible to help in the evacuation Ontario was part of the effort as she ferried refugees to safe haven, being one of the last ships to evacuate to safety before the Supernova engulfed Romulus and Remus.

With hundreds of millions displaced, the USS Ontario would continue on as a protector in areas home to the needy and the lawlessness that followed on. This old ship did her duty to Starfleet and saw to it that the ideals of the Federation were upheld.

By the 2390's the USS Ontario had served in an active roll within the fleet for over 60 years since her launch in 2332. While not seen as glamorous as the newer ships of the fleet, her role was just as important as she continued to seek out life in the fringes of uncharted territory.

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