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Lieutenant Commander Aaron Marcus

Name Aaron Callum Marcus

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 208 lbs
Hair Color Brown & Graying
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Aaron is tall and lanky. He is in good shape for his age although there is no muscle to be seen. He is of moderate strength. His intelligence however is through the roof. His eyes are his most endearing quality a deep blue and they penetrate. He walks with a limp and a cane due to a transporter accident.


Father William George Ronald Mundell Marcus - (Doctor)
Mother Dr Patricia Marcus - (Physicist)
Brother(s) Commander Charles Alexander Lyon Mundell Marcus (Older Brother) Attorney with Starfleet JAG Office
Sister(s) Lt Cmdr Susan Marcus (Older Sister) Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Roosevelt
Dr Rebecca Marcus (Older Sister) Molecular Biologist
Other Family Great Grandson of Dr Carol Marcus (on his father's side)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aaron frequently shows off his cunning and biting wit, and enjoys picking people apart and turning peoples weaknesses into a learning experience for them. Aaron accurately deduces people's motives and histories from aspects of their personality, appearance, and behavior. His friends and colleagues say that while some doctors have the "Messiah complex" (they need to "save the world"), Aaron has the "Rubik's complex" (he needs to "solve the puzzle"). The only person able to keep his curmudgeon like attitude in check has been his one love Amanda.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Sharp Wit
+ Deductive Reasoning
+ Diagnostician
+ Loyalty
+ Fierce Friend

- Curmudgeon
- Hard Headed
- Cantankerous
- Humility
Ambitions To become Director of Starfleet Medical. His secret ambition is to have children before his is 50 years old.
Hobbies & Interests Like Sherlock Holmes his favorite fictional character Aaron plays the violin, he also plays fiddle. He enjoys logic puzzles and very often turns to Vulcan puzzles to challenge his intellect. His favorite activity is relaxing with a good book. He also enjoys reviewing old medical files and attempting to solve the case before the doctor of record.

Personal History Aaron was born on June 11th 2347 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. He was the youngest of four children. His father was a general doctor, who specialized in internal medicine and his mother was physicist. Both had dizzying intellects so his childhood was very competitive.

Growing up Aaron lived in two worlds in a way. To his parents he was the golden boy. Not only did he have the genius intellect, but he was the youngest and he could do no wrong. He excelled at the sciences and in the medical field, it seemed that he indeed got the best of both of his parents. To everyone else he was just a cantankerous youth who was angry at the entire galaxy for reasons unknown.

He was a bookish child wanting to keep his nose in the book studying rather than going outside to play. In fact he read anatomy books as a way to have fun. He had little two close friends that he was fiercely loyal to and they in turn were loyal to him. He avoided social situations for the most part viewing them to be trivial and of no consequence. Aaron's childhood reputation was that he was the "fixer." If you had an issue or a problem that needed solving he was the man to see.

In the year 2357 when he was 10 years old Aaron's life was changed forever. His father, who he looked up to more than most, changed jobs. His father went from being a local doctor and home for the most part, to the director of neurology at Starfleet Medical in San Francisco. His father commuted to and from work and due to this was not around for much of the rest of Aaron's childhood. Aaron vowed that he would always put his family first when it came down to it.

Aaron's first love was a girl in junior high school. Her name was Shoshanna and she was very much like him, an outcast. She was not very well liked because of the way she acted to most other kids, she would treat others like she was better than them. That is until she met her match in Aaron, the two taught each other many things. Among them was she taught him the ability to treat people more than the sum of their parts and he in turn taught her how to be more down to earth. Aaron stayed out of trouble through his childhood, learning very quickly how to ignore remarks or respond to them with remarks of his own in kind. He developed the ability in junior high school to turn people's weaknesses into a learning experience for them.

Aaron's largest aptitude seemed to be medicine. However, it was in the diagnostic field of medicine. He loved the mystery that incurable diseases presented and relished in solving them. He learned not only how the body worked, but how it reacted to diseases. Once he mastered the human body he moved on to other species, such as Vulcans, Andorians etc...

His general schooling went by basically uneventful. That is to say he experienced nothing that a normal boy did not do or experience. He graduated High School as the Valedictorian, which was no surprise to anyone due to his grades and his excelled classes. His grades earned him a spot at Starfleet Academy. Aaron decided to join Starfleet as he wanted to be a doctor, but also wanted to be where he was needed most. He felt that working with the unknown that Starfleet experiences would be the best place for him. This was what Aaron wanted, as he wanted to get away from the bonds that Earth presented for him. His parents were not fond of this as they wanted him to become a local doctor like his father and settle down.

Aaron's years at the Academy followed by his training at Starfleet Medical were some of the best of his life. It was here that he met his best friend Walter Kaedle. Walter was an engineering major and the two hit it off. Aaron centered Walter and made him concentrate on his studies and in turn Walter caused Aaron to loosen up. The two became practical jokers and were issued a formal reprimand for a joke that they pulled on the faculty. It was to be the only blemish on Aaron's otherwise stellar record.

Aaron graduated Starfleet Academy in the year 2369 as Valedictorian, and was granted the rank of Ensign. He was immediately transferred to Starfleet Medical to enroll in medical school, seeking his MD. He majored in Diagnostic Medicine, with a sub-specialty in Emergency Medicine. It was the diagnostics that appealed to him the riddles of disease he called them. His years at Starfleet Medical were uneventful, however, Aaron resented the place as he was constantly referred to as the junior Dr Marcus as his father worked there.

At the age of 24 Aaron graduated medical school and was given his first deep space assignment. This assignment was to serve as the young doctor's residency. This assignment was to the USS Rhode Island as a Medical Officer. The now Ensign Marcus did not make many friends on the Rhode Island however, he was respected the man could diagnose anything in less than a hour for most cases. The medical crew aboard the Rhode Island went as far as challenging Aaron to beat the EMH in treating patients and Aaron one by a landslide.

In the year 2373 Dr Marcus, as he preferred to be called, was transferred to the USS Tomahawk to serve as a Medical Officer and the Ship's Surgeon. This was done as there was a need on the Nebula Class Tomahawk for an extra Doctor and Aaron's reputation had preceded him. His department chief was a Vulcan, who's father suffered from Bendii Syndrome. Aaron regarded the Vulcan in very high esteem and used all of his free time as well as his degree in molecular biology to attempt to cure Bendii Syndrome. Aaron's research into this disease continues to this day and he is convinced that he will find a cure.

In the year 2376 the Tomahawk was sent to Draven IV to assist in a severe outbreak of the Endozian Flu. Marcus quarantined himself, purposely infecting himself with the disease on the planet. While there he used his own infected blood to develop a cure and vaccine for future use. He is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for his act of heroism.

At the age of 30 he is transferred to the USS Washington to serve as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer. It was here that he began to learn how to command and manage a department. He especially learned how to set aside his general misanthropic views in order to get along with people.

Three years into his service aboard the Washington the ship's Captain was stricken with a disease that was previously unknown to science. Dr Marcus put his degree in diagnostics to good use and figured out that the disease was one that infected the blood. The red blood cells were exploding in the Captain's vessels. Aaron instituted immediate transfusions and eventually cured the disease. He named it after it's first patient, and thusly Hemocefjim was born. Aaron was granted promotion to Lieutenant for this great feat.

In 2381 he was transferred to the be the Chief Medical Officer at Europa Station. It was during this assignment that the two events that shaped his life the most were to happen.

Four years into his service aboard Eurpoa a woman named Amanda Ptak walked into his Sick Bay for her crew medical evaluation, she was to serve as the Assistant Tactical Officer. Aaron's heart stopped, she was gorgeous. However, Aaron knew that looks were not everything and engaged her in conversation while he performed her physical she was amazing. Capable of going toe to toe with him in jibes, and general dislike of everything. He was smitten and he knew it.

He quickly found reasons to be around her or have to talk to her. Within a month he worked up the courage to ask her on a date, and she said yes. Theirs was not a typical romance in fact most people who knew them thought that they would not last. However, the more time that they spent with each other the more they fell in love and realized that they were indeed "meant" for each other.

In 2386 an event that sent Aaron spiraling into himself occurred. Amanda was transferred. What made it worse was that she was transferred before he could tell her how he felt. This became Aaron's greatest regret through his life.

In 2387 Aaron was a victim of a transporter accident. While beaming up from Dreya V after a mission of mercy the transporter lost a small section of his pattern. This resulted in him being re materialized without part of his quadriceps muscle. He was paralyzed from the waist down. Aaron was stabilized by the rest of Europa’s medical staff and sent to Starfleet Medical for definitive treatment and rehabilitation. This accident also resulted in Aaron's hatred of the transporter system.

The next three years of his life was merely getting back on his feet and getting his life back together. Amanda surprised Aaron and came to Earth whenever her service would allow and offered the most support out of anyone. In fact if it weren't for her than Aaron would have sunk into a pit of self pity and hatred and disappeared from everyone. As a result Aaron is forced to walk with a cane for the rest of his life.

In 2391 at the age of 44 Aaron is released from Starfleet Medical and given clearance to return to duty. He is assigned as the attending physician to the Incurable Diseases Department at Starfleet Medical. Here he creates a team of young doctors with the sole purpose of deciphering unknown diseases. He closes in on himself and maintains no friends during this time. With exception of course to his dear one Amanda and his long time friend Walter.

Two years later he takes his team and creates the Diagnostics Department for Starfleet Medical. This is done after a long fought battle to prove that it was needed. The fact that Aaron deduced that an infectious outbreak could occur at any moment on Earth that they let him create the department. He is promoted to Lieutenant Commander for distinguished service to Starfleet Medical.

In 2395 at the age of 48 Aaron receives word that the USS Ontario an Ambassador Class ship is in need of a Chief Medical Officer. Aaron could care less about this news. His view on the subject was changed when he was called into the Director of Starfleet Medical's office and informed that since no one at Starfleet Medical wanted to deal with his quirks, he was to be transferred to the USS Ontario, to serve as Chief Medical Officer. As much as Aaron was perturbed that he would have to leave Earth for starship life again, he was happy to get out there again. He wanted to make a difference, and this may be the best way to do that.
Service Record 2365 - 2366 - Starfleet Academy Freshman Cadet

2366 - 2367 - Starfleet Academy Sophomore Cadet

2367 - 2368 - Starfleet Academy Junior Cadet

2368 - 2369 - Starfleet Academy Senior Cadet

2369 - 2370 - Starfleet Medical - Medical School Year 1

2370 - 2371 - Starfleet Medical - Medical School Year 2 - Graduates in the top of his class gaining his Medical Doctorate with specializations in Diagnostic Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

2371 - 2373 - Ensign Medical Officer USS Rhode Island (Residency)

2373 - 2376 - Ensign Medical Officer & Ship's Surgeon USS Tomahawk

2376 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade - Promotion granted for curing plague on Draven IV.

2377 - 2381- Lieutenant Junior Grade Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Washington

2380 - Promoted to Lieutenant - Promotion granted for discovering and curing an unknown disease afflicting the ship's Commanding Officer

2381 - 2387 - Lieutenant Chief Medical Officer Europa Station

2387 - Transporter accident resulting in loss of use of legs. Placed on medical leave.

2387 - 2390 - Recuperation and rehabilitation from injuries Starfleet Medical, Earth.

2390 - 2393 - Returned to active duty as the Director of the Incurable Diseases Department at Starfleet Medical.

2392 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander - Promotion granted upon recommendation of Starfleet Medical for Distinguished Service.

2393 - Creates the Diagnostics Department at Starfleet Medical and begins service as that Department's Director.

2395 - Transferred by order of Starfleet Command to service aboard the USS Ontario as Chief Medical Officer.