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Lieutenant Commander Yivliph Ra-Gruvloveii

Name Yivliph Ra-Gruvloveii

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Efrosian
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 154lbs
Hair Color Ivory
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and slender, Yivliph is the model of an Efrosian male. Sporting the long hair and fine whiskers typical of his species, his subtle head ridges do point to Klingon connections somewhere in his ancestry.

The Intelligence Officer has a charismatic smile, and engaging eyes, allowing him to gain trust and build connections with his fellow crewmembers and comrades. As with many Efrosians his eyes are strained by standard lighting and he often has to wear specialist eyeglasses to cope, particularly late on in his shifts. ‘He talks with his hands’ is a particularly apt phrase as he unconsciously falls into Efrosian modes of affability and politeness – close body proximity and reassuring touches – without realising.


Spouse or Significant Other N/A
Children Highly probable
Father N/A
Mother Yisil
Brother(s) Many half-brothers
Sister(s) Many half-sisters

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yivliph is typical in being outgoing and friendly. As with most Efrosians his interactins with others can tip over into being overly-flirtatious, if he forgets his cultural training. Though chatty and friendly Yivliph takes his work seriously, and rarely discusses his duties, preferring that others talk about themselves.

As with many Efrosians, Yivliph is adept at parsing verbal information and can retain it for later use, and often carries a bespoke recording device that he uses to record his meetings.
Due to several encounters with Starfleet during his younger years, Yivliph has internalised the mission and credo of the organisation and strongly believes in its success, seeing in it parallels to the tribal organisations of his colony world, and the mother-planet, Efros Delta.

Although many cultural mores and traditions were transplanted from Efros Delta including family units, and religions practices, the need for Efrosians to specialise in tasks had to be abandoned in order for the colony to thrive. Therefore, unlike many of his species, Yivliph is comfortable in the generalist role he undertakes as an Intelligence Officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Over the years Yivliph has developed excellent research, analysis and interpretive skills in his Intelligence work.
+ An expert on the Romulans, he continually keeps up to date on developments within their sphere of influence.
+ An expert on pirate and criminal organisations, he can readily apply his skills to similar organisations if needed
• Dogged – he will pursue lines of inquiry until he is satisfied they have been explored to their full potential.
• Has been trained in standard Starfleet firearms and close-combat techniques, but isn’t much of a fighter.
• Efrosian cultural norms – tough he has taken standard Starfleet cultural training, Yivliph will sometimes forget himself and slip into Efrosian manners of friendliness. This has caused conflict in the past.
- Efrosian eyesight – poorr eyesight after long exposure to standard lighting. This also means a poor ability using firearms if not given assistance by his eyeglasses. Then he becomes merely average.
Ambitions Eventually Yivliph would like to return to his homeworld and become a record-keeper for his community, one of the highest honours that can be bestowed on an Efrosian.

In his work he would also like to get to the bottom of Project 44112and solve it to his satisfaction.

Public service is a high honour for Efrosians, and Yivliph would like to imagine he can continue to serve Starfleet in some capacity for the next long while, whether aboard a starship or in a desk job for Starfleet Intelligence.
Hobbies & Interests Yivliph enjoys consuming audiobooks as would be natural for Efrosians, and so long as he has his daily supply of Levithi nuts, he is happy to indulge himself in the cuisines of the galaxy.

His own quiet hobby is horticulture – he enjoys raising plant life, particularly those from desert environments and sees them as a challenge.

He also enjoys practicing his terrible Cardassian.

Personal History Yivliph Ra-Gruvloveii was born in 2359 to Yisil and his traditionally absent father. Their colony world was on the far eastern borders of the Federation, deep in the Beta Quadrant of the galaxy. Indeed, Qo’nos was closer to their home than the Federation capital, Earth. Life was not so comfortable as in the Federation Core on the imaginatively named New Efros, but in truth, the young Efrosian wanted for little.

The distance of New Efros from the Alpha Quadrant would prove a boon to the child as he grew older, going through his traditional Efrosian schooling and pitching in on the colony where he could. Gathering crops and foodstuffs was a weekly activity, as was growing the crops necessary for their survival.

Starfleet would pass through often enough. Usually it would be a small border cutter doing the rounds on welfare checks, but occasionally, as when the crops failed in 2369, 2370 and 2371, larger ships would come to the colony’s aid. A particularly memorable visit was by a Nebula-class vessel that the child instantly fell in love with. It made a great impression on him.

As an Efrosian, Yivliph delighted in stories and storytelling, and would seek out as many obliging Starfleet officers as he could to record their stories for his own personal archive. The child learnt a great deal about the world beyond New Efros in this manner.

The Dominion War struck, but it mostly passed the teenager by, happening only on the vid-screen. A greater proportion of cropstuff was exported off world to help the war effort, but it was a distant conflict, albeit all-consuming. The routine Starfleet patrols became fewer.

The teenager felt he owed Starfleet a little for assisting his homeworld when the going had gotten tough with the crops failures and resolved to serve in Starfleet. He transmitted his application on the day of his coming of age, and was soon invited to take the exams. Later in life he would have a sneaking suspicion that the standards of the exams had been slackened at the time of his application in 2376 as he entered on his first try.

Leaving for Earth was a great event for the young man, and he was given many parting gifts by his community that he would treasure. The shock of Earth was a pleasant one – San Francisco itself had more people than on his entire planet. He had not seen so many different species.

He settled in quickly, making quick friendships that would last through the Academy and beyond. He proved to be popular, though some of the Efrosians from Delta Efrons, the mother-world, found some of his ways odd, particularly his ease at a more generalist approach to life.

In his final year he opted to specialise in Romulan and Cardassian studies. Tutors noticed his skills at recalling information and synthesising data from different sources. He was asked to move to the Intelligence track of studies and sent to the Berlin Annexe for an extra year of specialist training.
By 2381, Yivliph was attending his cadet cruise on the Galaxy-class vessel USS Mendoza.

In 2382, on completion of the Academy course in full, Yivliph was assigned to the Centaur-class USS Crimea. Though unfamiliar with the class, it would become a favoured class, and in the future he opined that if he had to command a ship, it would be a Centaur-class for him. As the situation within the Romulan Empire remained in flux following the Shinzon coup, the Crimea was permanently posted to a border-patrol role ensuring that instability within the Empire would not lead to chaos across the Federation border.

This included working against pirate and smuggling operations in the border region, particularly those of the Orions who were attempting to capitalise on weak border patrols on the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone. Yivliph found satisfaction in studying the Orions and their methods, and assisting in disrupting their nefarious schemes.

Upon completion of his tour aboard the Crimea, Yivliph put in for a transfer and was assigned to the Nebula-class USS Azure.

The Azure had a Beta-Quadrant-wide mandate to disrupt Son’a schemes to export their weaponry in violation of several treaties. It was a wide-ranging mandate, with Yivliph required to travel the length and breadth of the Quadrant. Several times he slipped across the borders with the Klingon and Romulan Empires in an attempt to stifle the Son’a plans.

2388 saw him transferred once more, and promoted to Assistant Chief, in order to take charge of a Quadrant-wide project run out of Starbase 234. In the years since the end of the Dominion War, Starfleet had run a dedicated project intending to ascertain the fate of millions of its missing citizens.

Although much of the missing were traceable to events in the war that had led to their deaths, Yivliph and his team found a troubling number of missing persons who had disappeared without a trace. Most of these had disappeared in locations along the Romulan border. They found records of missing citizens stretching back years before the conflict with the Dominion.

After three fruitless years of investigation, the files relating to the missing 44112 were shelved, presumably as the team were asking difficult questions at a time when relations with the Romulans needed to be stabilised. Nevertheless, Yivliph would continue to work on the project in private over the next few years.

In 2391 he was rotated out of the project, as was customary, and assigned to the Excelsior-class USS Agrippa as her Chief Intelligence Officer. He was also mandated to undertake Command training modules as one of the senior officers. Once more, relations with the Romulans were the Federation’s primary concern in the aftermath of the Hobus supernova.

The Agrippa’s primary mission was to stabilise the Federation and Romulan borders, ensuring that chaos did not engulf the region. In several classified missions the Agrippa crossed the Neutral Zone in order to render aid to struggling Romulan worlds. On more than one occasion this involved stand-offs with the raiding parties sent out by minor Klingon Houses.

When his tour was up in 2393, Yivliph opted to extend his service aboard the vessel for another two years in light of Starfleet’s stretched resources.

By 2395 however, Yivliph was abruptly transferred away from the Agrippa and the Romulan border and assigned to the Ambassador-class USS Ontario.

The Ontario was due to conduct a short mission beyond Federation borders, and it was deemed necessary that a fresh Chief Intelligence Officer was to be assigned. Though he couldn’t pin down the reason for his transfer, Yivliph had strong suspicions that it was due to his ongoing private investigation of the 44112 that he had divulged to a superior some months before.

Yivliph soon settled on the Ontario, and came to enjoy serving with the crew. The exploratory mission, however, hardly made him seem necessary, and he spent long hours composing standard reports that reported nothing new for days at a time. In truth, he was glad for a return to port after nine months had passed.
Service Record 2382-85 – USS Crimea, Ensign, Intelligence Officer
2385-88 – USS Azure, Ensign, Intelligence Officer
2388-95 – Starbase 234, Lieutenant (JG), Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
2395-Present – USS Ontario, Lieutenant, Chief Intelligence Officer