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Commander Grace Vetur

Name Grace Elise Vetur

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species New Icelandican
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Silver Red
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description Grace is graceful. She moves like a dancer (mostly because she is). She likes to wear comfortable and classy clothing. She also likes clothing that doesn't restrict movement.
She generally wears blacks and various shades of blue.
Her demeanor is calm but her gaze can be penetrating.


Father Nels Vetur
Mother Pella Svensen
Brother(s) Pyotr

Personality & Traits

General Overview Grace spent most of her life cultivating an air of calm. She keeps her feelings under tight control and rarely loses her temper. She is friendly and considerate of others. She genuinely likes people and is interested in what makes them the way they are. These traits help her in her work.
She is disciplined and focused on the job and prefers listening to music, reading, or other relatively quiet hobbies when off-duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Intelligent, calm, determined, studious, persistent.
Cheerful, empathic, a good listener. A good organizer.

Because she does not suffer fools, and does not like to hang out with people who are frivolous or flighty, she has developed a reputation for being a bit of a prude. Some call her the "Ice Princess" both because of being selective about the people she associates with and because she is cool and determined to get to the bottom of an issue so that she can understand and find common ground.
She will go to social gatherings as part of her job, but she much prefers small gatherings with friends.
She can be too serious.
Ambitions She's not quite sure what she wants to do with her life. She's been a dancer, historian, teacher, writer, computer specialist, diplomat and counselor. She loves to learn about history, cultures, people, and psychology. One day she'll decide, but for now, she is happy doing what seems right at the moment.
Hobbies & Interests Plays the violin, viola, and cello.
She studied lyrical jazz, folk dance, and ballroom dance. She was part of a dance team while she was in school and still enjoys dancing.
She writes poetry and music.
She enjoys singing a variety of musical genres.
She likes to draw and do illuminated script.
While most of her hobbies are indoor, she occasionally enjoys hiking and camping.

Personal History Grace was born on New Icelandica, a planet near the edge of colonized space. There she met many people from many worlds and heard many of their stories as both her parents ran an inn near the spaceport. She helped her mother in the kitchen and as a server until she was ten when her parents were killed when a shuttle crashed into the inn. She and her brother, Pyotr, were at school at the time. They were not allowed to go home, but were picked up by neighbors who explained what happened.

Their grandparents, who they had never met before, came to make funeral arrangements and to take the children back to earth with them. Pyotr, 16, refused to go. He opted to sign on to a merchant ship instead. Grace hasn't seen him since then.

Her grandparents were both diplomats and spent most of their time traveling around the Federation. They were impressed with Grace's ability to pick up languages and to greet various people in their native tongue. So they took her with them. She finished her schooling through the computer and learned to be unobtrusive when her grandparents were working. Later, she helped them with the research they needed for various assignments.

She has some limited telepathic abilities. She can read surface thoughts only if they are "loud," she can communicate with other telepaths, and she can pick up on emotions. These traits have helped her learn languages, how to read people and be more empathetic.

At sixteen she enrolled in a university on earth and studied history, psychology, ancient civilizations, literature, and computers. She has an MFA in literature and a PhD in history and psychology.

It was at university that she discovered dance and threw herself into various forms, finally deciding that she enjoyed lyrical jazz and ballroom best. She competed on the school team and did quite well, but when it was time to graduate, she chose to follow in her grandparent's footsteps and work for Starfleet.

She does not regret getting a university education as it gives her the foundation she needs to work as a diplomat and psychologist.

She worked with her grandparents for two years, then decided that she wanted to do more with her life and abilities and so joined Starfleet. She serves as a diplomat and counselor, depending on the needs of the ship and its crew. Since she could not decide on just one occupation, she is qualified to work as a diplomat, historian, and counselor.

At the insistence of one of her Commanding Officers, she enrolled in command courses which led her to accept the position of First Officer on the USS Ontario.
Service Record Attended Starfleet Academy.
Served as counselor on the USS Constitution.
Served as senior diplomat and counselor on the USS Lonwen from.
Served as Chief Diplomat on the USS Potemkin from.
Served as roving diplomat for the Federation Diplomatic Corps.
Served as Chief Counselor and Chief Diplomat on the USS Chester.
Now serves as Executive Officer on the USS Ontario.