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Lieutenant Amanda Rose

Name Amanda Elizabeth Rose

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Rose could be described as classically curvy and probably a little heavy on her bottom. Her hair is thick and wavy and she likes to keep it long, draping over her shoulders.


Spouse or Significant Other none
Children none
Father Camden Bailey, deceased
Mother Karen Eve Rose, marine biologist
Brother(s) Alexander Gary Rose, age 21, Cadet at Starfleet
Benjamin Mark Rose, age 18, freshman at UCLA
Sister(s) Stephanie Ann Rose, age 16
Other Family Adoptive father is Steven Michael Rose

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amanda has a friendly and outgoing personality in one on one situations or in small groups. In large groups, she often feels self conscious and tries to fade into the background. Furthermore, she tends to be shier and less trusting of men, as all the significant men in her life have either died or been emotionally unavailable. Once Amanda is feels comfortable and can completely trust another in a situation she is completely involved and uninhibited.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Is able to make people/beings feel at ease, is easy to talk to, non judgmental, understanding, intuitive

Weaknesses: self conscious, worries more about what others think, shy and less willing to open to men, not comfortable in large groups of people and must be prodded to interact, and has an overly romanticized view of love
Ambitions Amanda simply wants to make the universe a better place by promoting peace and understanding.
Hobbies & Interests Likes: ice cream, The Arts (drama, paintings, museums, concerts, etc.), chocolate, and socializing with her friends

Dislikes: violence, disharmony

Interests: Ballet, soccer, biology, astronomy, ballroom dance, gymnastics

Personal History Amanda's biological father died at the age of three. Amanda was a daddy's girl and was devastated by his death. A year later, Karen met Steven Rose. Steven was kind to Amanda but he was smitten with Karen and Amanda felt that she was pushed to the side. Steven and Karen got married when Amanda was six. Steven adopted Amanda shortly thereafter. Amanda was given all the finest comforts and while she loves her adoptive father, she had little interaction with him in life, due to the nature of his position as a diplomatic officer. But Karen took several years away from her career to make sure that Amanda had plenty of attention.

As Amanda and her younger siblings (she could never call them half siblings, as she was adopted), her father started to take them onto business trips. Amanda demonstrated an uncanny natural ability to relate to all beings. This ability was encouraged by both of her parents and lent her to the field of psychology.

Desirous of leaving home, she enlisted in Starfleet. When it came to counseling courses, she found herself surrounded by Betazoids. Their empathic abilities gave them a distinct advantage when it came to initial diagnoses. After all, they could feel what others felt. Amanda, being human, could not. However, while the Betazoids would make the quick diagnosis, Amanda would spend much more time with individuals to actually dig to root causes. It was one thing for a Betazoid to find out that someone was depressed but quite another to dig to the root of the depression and actually assist someone in the long run, for example.

Amanda graduated from Starfleet with no particular distinctions. Finishing in the middle of her class, she was not offered any plum assignments. Therefore, she was offered and accepted a position on the moon colony. Most of her clients there were suffering from some form of PTSD. And after some time, despite doing good work, she felt that if she was really going to relate to other beings that she needed to get out onto a spaceship.

The thought of a spaceship was daunting: being trapped in one place with potentially hundreds of people. However, if she wanted to advance, she knew that she had to push herself. Eventually, she applied and was accepted onto the USS Avenger.

Avenger has been every bit of the challenge that she sought. She suffered through five rapid Captain changes before Starfleet finally settled on Commander Jason Striker. Amanda did not like the fact that Striker came on board with and remained rather close to his half-Betazoid Executive Officer, Ariana.

Physically, Amanda was really unnerved by Striker's artificial eye. She also believed that Striker was rather arrogant and relied too much on his own abilities, as opposed to utilizing those of his crew. Despite all these facts, Amanda developed a crush on Striker, which made her a bit irrational when dealing with those close to him, especially Ariana.

Amanda knew that Ariana was bright but Amanda disliked her attitude since the first day she got on the ship. Similar to Striker, Ariana would not except any help from Amanda. This fact made Amanda feel inadequate because she viewed a counselor's position as one of assisting people. Worse, Ariana being so close to Striker, Amanda believed that they have or had a relationship, which only further infuriated Amanda and caused her to be jealous. As such, Ariana and Amanda were constantly sniping at each other.

Amanda was sent on her first away mission by Striker with a rather unique creature called Zatarra. Creature was the only word for it because Zatarra would not reveal what he was to Amanda or anyone else. However, he did reveal his homeworld to her and they have had numerous philosophical discussions with one another. Amanda and Zatarra developed trust for one another despite his rather bloody background. Towards the end of the away mission (after dealing with Ferengi and other nefarious creatures), Amanda started to pity him and started wondering if she was feeling more. However, they departed and Amanda could not explore that potential relationship.

That away mission has given Amanda some confidence to handle other away missions. Her tentativeness gone, she has served under Striker as an emergency science officer when the need called due to her biology background.

Later, a Bajoran doctor, Arron Santra arrived on Avenger. Striker did not want him on the ship; however, Amanda thought that he can be saved. She felt sorry for the loss of his wife and tried to assist. However, other crew members wanted to harm him and she had to say goodbye. Like all other men in Rose's life, Santra left Avenger, leaving her alone and pining for Striker.

Unfortunately for Amanda, Striker and Ariana made their relationship official. All of her hopes and dreams with Sriker crushed, she knew that she had to leave. She applied for the first Chief Counselor position that she could find and ended up being accepted to the USS Ontario.
Service Record 2385-2389 Cadet at Starfleet Academy. Major psychology, Minor biology
2390-2392 Counselor on the Moon Colony
2392-2395 Chief Counselor on the USS Avenger
2395-present Chief Counselor on the USS Ontario