New Pig on the Block

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2024 @ 6:53am by Lieutenant Percival Bálor Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Chief Petty Officer Ferguson

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Mission: Standing By
Location: USS Ontario Transporter Room 2

Ferguson materialized on the transporter pad, his carryall over his right shoulder.

"I hope you didn't leave any of my atoms at my last location, Crewman." The Engineer said gruffly to the transporter operator.

"No, sir, your pattern is stable." The transporter operator said.

"Don't call me, 'Sir', Crewman, I'm not an officer, I work for a living." Ferguson said. "I'm Chief Petty Officer Ferguson where are my quarters?"

"Deck 4, Room 12 Starboard, S... Chief." The transporter operator said. "Welcome aboard."

"Thank you, Crewman." Ferguson said leaving the Transporter Room and heading for his new quarters.

Deck sixteen. Lieutenant Percival Bálor was walking down the corridors and was passing by transporter room number two when an obstacle emerged, an individual exiting the transporter room caused Percy to veer, but he barely took his eyes off the PaDD in his hands. He proceeded walking past Ferguson until he stopped and looked up from the data and back over his shoulder.

"What in the pork loins?" Percy said as he backed up. There was Ferguson, a Chief Petty Officer he had never seen before. More importantly, another half-Tellarite? "Nobody told me they were bringing on my stunt double."

Ferguson looked the younger man up and down. "What make you believe you're the star, Lad?" Ferguson asked. "Besides, blue's not my colour."

Percy snorted. "Because, I'm the brains and beauty of this starship" teased the Chief Science Officer. "Not all of us can make blues and teals look this good. So, who the hell are you?

"I'm Chief Petty Officer Ferguson, Engineer extraordinaire." Ferguson said. "I don't have a first name, my ma, was so overcome by my beauty, that she gave me away to some nuns."

"Doctor Percival Bálor, Chief Science Officer," Percy said with a polite nod. "No first name? That doesn't sound very flattering, but we have a guy named Zero, so it's not the worst thing, Ferguson."

"Good to meet ya, Doc, like myself, I take it you haven't seen many of our kind?" He asked.

"I've seen and met my share of Tellarites, but not mutts like us" explained Percy. "My mother was Tellarite, my father is Human. We're also Irish" he explained with a chuckle. It just made mutt even more apropos.

Ferguson clapped Percy on the shoulder. "Aye, that's grand, your ancestors like mine are from the Emerald Isle."

What are the odds thought Percy. His mother was a Tellarite and she had siblings, an abundance of them as the average was six children in couples where both were full Tellarite. He knew he had mostly uncles on his mom's side. "So it would seem. Have you met the Ship’s Chief Counselor yet? I'm sure she would love you. She's single as far as I know."

Ferguson smiled. "No, I haven't, but now I must. Partial to a bit of hog, is she?" He asked.

Percy snickered. "Oh yes. She's a bit hog wild. Can't resist our Tellarite charm."

Ferguson laughed heartily. "Not many can resist our charm." He said.

Pining for Yiv, Percy sighed and comfortably reassured himself that they would have mote time together soon, he nodded in agreement. "No they cannot. We're just something completely else" he commented.

Percy looked at Ferguson. "So, where are you off too, Fergie? I could use the walk anyways, and the companionship would be welcomed. My friend is a bit..." he was uncertain what to say about Haruna. "Ill at the moment."

"I was on my to my quarter, but let's going get a drink first." Ferguson said. "I'm sorry to hear about your friend." He added as he adjusted his carryall.

Percy patted his tummy with a smirk. "The way to my heart is through my stomach, and washing it down with a drink sounds nice. You'll like it on Ontario. Good ship, great crew, awful medical department but nothing is perfect."

"Well lead on, Brother." Ferguson said.

Percy snorted and hobbled down the corridor with his new friend. "There is no better place to be than the Ontario. I don't care if it's the Enterprise, there is nothing that this crew can't do if we work together. We've been through a lot, and Grace, she's the right person to lead us."

"I'll take your word for it, for now, Brother." Ferguson said. "I haven't met her yet."

The Chief Science Officer smiled. "Always a good decision." The two of then would proceed to get some grub, and Percy was happy to show Ferguson around the starship.

Lieutenant Percival Bálor
Chief Science Officer
USS Ontario

Chief Petty Officer Ferguson
USS Ontario



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